Career Information


Living in a country away from home can be the source of anxiety. Mizuno Gakuen offers all-around support to its international students, including assisting them with immigration procedures and giving them tips on living in Japan. We have a careers support for students once they complete their studies, helping them to find their goals that matches the aptitude and wishes of each student.

  • 100%

    Percentage of overseas students finding employment in Japan of all job seekers

  • 6.0Companies

    per one student including openings intended for Japanese nationals

Graduates working in Japan

  • CHUNG Cheng TseTaiwan

    [Work at KAGAYA]

    It was my motivation to work for this company that I wanted to work here, because I had worked for the branch in Taiwan. I’m in charge of miso soup in breakfast when I have an early shift. I have cooked it for 1,000 persons as maximum !

  • CHOY Wei KheenMalaysia

    [Work at GORA BYAKUDAN]

    His daily work is to ask a head cook to check the taste he cooked with 1st Dashi and 2nd Dashi.
    I’m getting the sense to understand a delicate difference of the taste, step by step. It is to work politely that I keep in my mind. I would like to get a lot of experiences to acquire skills like the head cook’s ones.

  • KIM DaewonKorea

    [SYOKURAKU As owner (in Korea)]

    It was my dream to own my restaurant.
    So I opened my restaurant in the business town near Gimpo International Airport. I can feel worthwhile when I see the guests are eating my dishes deliciously. It’s my next goal to invent my original sauce and sell it.